Travel Bear

Simple, Safe, Secure

Travel Bear
Project Baby Award

Simple, Safe, Secure

Car Seat Tablet & Phone Holder


Designed by parents for parents, the Travel Bear car seat tablet holder /phone holder is a practical and easy-to-use entertainment solution for longer car journeys.


1. Pull the Travel Bear car headrest sleeve over the car headrest

2. Insert the device into the clear pocket before the journey

Reduce Travel Sickness

Improve Posture

Dual Entry Ports

Fingerprint Sensitive

Device Dimensions

Suitable for devices up to 20cm x 16cm including iPhone, iPad Mini, Samsung Tab A, Galaxy Note, Sony Tablet P, Kindle Paperwhite, Oasis, Fire, Fire HD 8

*Please measure your device before placing your order

Baby Car Mirror


  • One size fits all design
  • Stays in place over bumpy roads and even speed bumps
  • Fit or remove in seconds
  • Baby kick proof!
  • No annoying straps!
  • No hazard, no risk (made from non-shatter materials)


Travel Bear will be expanding its range of travel essentials in the coming weeks . Please get in touch if you would like further information, news or a reminder.

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